LCR600 - Intelligent ripple control receiver

The LCR600 is a high-quality and all-purpose ripple control receiver. It can be used in standard ripple control applications as well as in modern systems with „Distributed Intelligence“ as a remotely programmable tariff switching unit. Up to 6 relays are pluggable (25A / 40A). The operation of the internal clock during a power failure can be secured from a supercap or battery.

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·          Up to 6 relays (25A / 40A) pluggable resp. retrofitable

·          Processing of all conventional ripple control protocols and its specific pulse patterns

·          Remote parameterisation of switching times and weekday assignment of the work schedules using the VERSACOM-protocol

·          Internal clock (remotely synchronizible) for autonomous operating of work schedules

·          Real time clock can optionally be buffered by supercap or battery

·          Switch clock for a year with calculated dawn and dusk times for street light control

·          Programming and test via the electrical interface (USB) is possible - without mains power supply

·          Anti tampering features